Fax To Email

Fax To Email

Fax to Email – Simple, Fast, Reliable!

Only £4.97 Per Month
SAVE 50% – £29.99 Per Year!

You can now have someone send you a fax and it will instantly appear in your email inbox!

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Our service will covert the fax received to PDF or TIFF format and within seconds you will have the fax emailed to you.

From there you can choose what you want to do with your fax. You may want to print it off, save the file or email it on to someone else.

  • Receive faxes quickly and easily just like you receive your emails – Where ever you are!
  • Private – Faxes are sent directly to your email address. No one else sees your fax like they do in a general office!
  • Save money on consumables such as toner cartridges and paper
  • Save money on additional phone line charges
  • Green – Save paper = save trees!

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Now there is no need for a bulky, heavy, and not to mention power hungry fax machine. No more messy toner cartridges that need changing, clearing paper jams, and fax machine repair call outs!

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