Free iPhone and iPad App – Control your numbers on the move

Free iPhone and iPad App – Control your numbers on the move

Switchboard App for the iPhone and iPad

Switchboard remote management direct from your iPhone and iPad

Download the latest Switchboard App for the iPhone & iPad… and it’s FREE! 

Controling your inbound call managment and accessing your control panel ensures that you never miss a call again – even when you’re on the move.

Get a FREE 084 number to route to any UK landline. Never miss a call again.

Front your web pages, business card and adverts with a free 084 phone number connected to a powerful call manager which re-directs your calls to up to 5 separate locations. All UK landline re-directs are free with redirects to mobile phones at just 12p per minute plus VAT, paid for via pre-payment if required.

Choose from a wide selection of on hold music, as the system automatically queues customers’ calls at your busy periods. You are notified automatically of any missed calls or voice mails by a free email. Listen to your voice messages directly from your email.

With over 24,000 UK business and homeworkers already enjoying this powerful and free application, why not empower your business or organisation today!

Call queuing for your business
If you have limited lines into your office, we will queue the callers and put them through to you as soon as a line becomes free. In effect, this increases the number of lines available to you. This will be especially useful to you at busy times of the day or should you have a particularly busy inbound campaign. Your customer will never hear the engaged tone again!

No maintenance and no licensing fees
We maintain the service at no cost to you. We also cover the performing rights expense, another cost saving.

Missed call alert – Email and SMS
Once a customer calls your number, we record the inbound CLI (The caller’s phone number) when available; Should a customer hang up when they are on hold we will send their phone number to your email address in seconds so you can call them back.

Easy answer phone
If the caller has been on hold for more than two minutes, or your number calls out of hours, we give them the option to leave a voicemail. Once they have completed the message, we email it to you in seconds. This feature is so much better than an old-fashioned answer phone.

Instantly re-routes your calls
If you move offices permanently, or just for a day or a week or even an hour, you can re-route all your calls to the new office. This can be done via a simple web page instantly! In a disaster recovery situation you can re-route to an alternate location in seconds and continue to conduct business.

Line Identification Option (whisper)
Each number you obtain can be configured for a different purpose e.g. sales, admin, support etc. When you answer the call you will hear a short message which will identify the call. This allows you to personalise the way in which you greet each caller. Whether you operate more than one company from a single office or have home workers who need to identify between personal and business calls, this function will become invaluable to you!

No cost to your business
There is no set up fee or rental fee for this product.
There is no increase in your phone charges or your phone bill.
It is 100% free for businesses, sole traders or home workers based in the UK that have less than 50 employees.

Choose your own “On Hold” music
While your callers are waiting to be connected they are played “On Hold” music. You can choose what genre of music your customers get to hear from over 15 different choices currently available.

Set open and close times
When callers phone outside your normal opening hours, the call is recorded and sent via a missed call alert to your email, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. This feature is also great if you’re a home worker and don’t want people calling you in the evening!

Customize your introduction and out of hours message
The system allows you to quickly record a customer introduction or an out of hours message that reflects your opening times and or emergency contact number.

Update your number settings 24/7 from your iPhone app or from the web page as often as you need.


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