What Business Benefits can I expect from the Switchboard Service?

What Business Benefits can I expect from the Switchboard Service?

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There are many different reasons why many UK businesses use an 084 number as their telephone number:

  • National Presence – Having an 084 number gives a business a national presence and also gives the impression of a BIG company. By using an 084 number you can hide away from your home telephone number or your personal mobile number, making your personal phone numbers personal again!
  • Low Call Costs for Customers – By using an 084 number you can offer your customers a number with a low call cost.
  • Work from ANYWHERE! – Not only can you work on the go and get your 084 number to divert to your location (great for workers that need to move from office to office), but you can also divert your calls to a mobile number so you can literally work on the move!
  • Work as a team from DIFFERENT locations – No longer do you have to all work in the same office. You can have different members of staff working from home, different office locations or on the go using their mobile phones. Simply add the different telephone numbers you require to your switchboard and the calls will redirect in the order you specify.
  • Relocate business premises and keep the same number –  If a business needs to relocate its office you can keep the same 084 number without the extra costs and hassle of re-designing websites, re-printing stationary, or giving out new numbers.
  • Never miss a call again! – Do you know how much business can be lost because of missed calls and poorly managed telephone management? Business is getting harder and harder in today’s competitive market, and losing customers and revenue because of badly managed telephone staff is one of the biggest reasons small companies in the UK lose money. Get an 084 number now and help your business today. No more missing important phone calls; no more engaged tones and no more forgetting to return a call.
  • FREE Answerphone and email alerts – If you do happen to miss a call the caller will be given the opportunity to leave a message. All messages will be emailed directly to the email address you specify along with any missed call alerts.

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