Who can benefit from a free 0843 number?

Who can benefit from a free 0843 number?

Who can benefit from a free switchboard and free 0843 number?

A free 0843 number and associated switchboard service could benefit a number of different businesses.

Check out these three different scenarios:

Scenario 1:

As a micro biz owner perhaps you are mostly home-based and advertise your landline number. However, sometimes you are called away from the office and face with the problem of missing potential calls and enquiries.

Solution: With your 0843 number you can divert calls to an existing landline for free. In addition, you can also divert calls to a mobile or alternative landline number meaning if you are out and about you won’t miss anything.


Scenario 2:

You have a small office and each of your members of staff has a phone. Sometimes customers ring through to the wrong person and get frustrated when they have to hold or wait to be transferred.

Solution: Your free switchboard service has an auto attendant service, which enables you to divert calls to the right person, department or location.


Scenario 3:

The phone lines are frequently busy in your office. You don’t want customers to get an engaged tone and instead want a system that helps you manage the call volume.

Solution: Your free switchboard service will allow your calls to be answered immediately and held in a queue until someone is available to talk with them. In addition, you could even tell callers their place in the queue, and entertain them with some on hold music.

These are just three ways a free switchboard and 0843 number can be used. As you see, there’s lots of potential. See what it could do for your business at www.freeswitchboardmanager.co.uk.


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