What’s the advantage of a virtual phone number?

What’s the advantage of a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is one where you don’t need a dedicated phone line.

It’s now possible to obtain a virtual 0843 phone number for your business. That’s because if you sign up for a free switchboard service, you automatically qualify for a free 0843 number.

Instead of having a dedicated phone line to handle your 0843 calls, you instead use the switchboard to divert any calls it receives to an existing landline or even mobile.

Virtual phone numbers offer lots of benefits to small and larger business owners.

  • Businesses can benefit from a non-geographic number without having to pay for a landline. As a result you can save money.
  • The virtual phone number is effectively mobile because you can divert it to anywhere. That means if you plan to work from different locations, you don’t need to worry about missing a call.
  • You can also exploit the switchboard services that accompany your virtual number to get even more value. You can use the answerphone service, call waiting, call queuing, out of hour’s notices etc. In short, you identify the functionality you need and set up your virtual number and switchboard service to get it working hard for you.
  • Then if you move premises you won’t need to change your business number and incur the costs of altering your stationery because your number can follow you.

A virtual phone number offers your business lots of advantages. Why not sign up for one today and start realising the rewards.

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