What to do if you can’t afford an onsite switchboard operator

What to do if you can’t afford an onsite switchboard operator

Answering your business phone is critical.

Customers want to be able to get in touch when they have a question, and they get frustrated if they can’t get an answer.

In an ideal world you may have an onsite switchboard operator. However, this may be a cost you can’t justify. In addition, if you are an entrepreneur, or run a very small business, your customers may only want to speak with you.

Add to that, your customers are likely to get frustrated if they get an engaged tone, and if you don’t answer quick enough they may hang up, you could miss out on opportunities.

So what’s the solution?

You could consider a virtual switchboard service – best of all it’s free when you sign up for an 0843 number. The two work in tandem. You simply arrange to have your 0843 number diverted to an existing number of your choice – mobile or landline, and then you’re ready to go!

A switchboard service has lots of functionality that you can use to stay in control of your incoming phone calls. For example:

  1. Callers will be answered with a message, which you can personalise – they won’t be met with an engaged tone.
  1. You can create a customised voicemail message – if you are tied up in a meeting or are unable to speak with clients immediately they can leave a message for you to collect later.
  1. You’ll be notified if someone hangs up – your switchboard service will capture their phone number (if available), which means you can ring them back. It could help you avoid losing out on potential sales inquiries.
  1. It’s easy to manage – simply log into your account and decide what functionality you need for your business.


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