What is a free 0843 number?

What is a free 0843 number?

With the range of different types of phone numbers, it can be tricky keeping tabs on what each of them mean.

You’re probably familiar with geographic numbers. They start with 01 or 02 and relate to a specific location within the country. In comparison mobile numbers usually start with 07.

You’ve probably also come across 0844 and 0843 non-geographic numbers. Ofcom calls these “chargeable 08 business rate numbers” (source: http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/files/2010/01/numbering.pdf) because they are generally used by both large and small businesses as a point of contact for customers.

There are lots of advantages of having a 0843 number for your business. What’s more, did you know that it’s now possible to get one for your business at no extra cost to you?

That’s because services such as those offered by FreeSwitchBoardManager will redirect your unique 0843 number to an existing landline for free. In addition, if you take a free 0843 number, you can also benefit from a huge range of ad-on services, such as an answer phone message, call queuing and custom introductions. What’s more, many of these services are free.

What are the implications for your customers?

No doubt the main question your customers will want to know when ringing your 0843 number is how much it’s going to cost them.

Here’s the lowdown.

If a customer calls your 0843 number from a residential BT landline, they’ll pay just 4.2p per minute (+VAT). The good news is this is significantly cheaper than making a UK standard national rate call.

If a customer calls from a mobile it will cost more. The cost per minute could even vary depending on your customer’s mobile provider.

If you’re interested in having a free 0843 number for your business, simply visit www.freeswitchboardmanager.co.uk and find out more.

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