What impression does your business number give?

What impression does your business number give?

After looking at your advert or website, a customer will often decide whether or not to contact you within just a few seconds. Scary stuff.

So assuming you’ve made the right impression with your headline, offer and content, what happens when the customer looks for your business phone number?

If you are asking customers to part with a lot of money, they may have more confidence if they are able to contact you via a landline. Somehow this gives the impression that you are “fixed” somewhere.

However a landline number also gives away your location. This works well if your clientele is more localised, but if you are targeting customers across the country, why not consider obtaining a non-geographic number.

What’s more, did you know it’s now possible to get a free 0843 number for your business?

If you already have a landline you can simply arrange to have a 0843 number re-directed to it. www.freeswitchboardmanager.co.uk offer this service – in fact they let you have up to two 0843 numbers diverted to your landline for free.

0843 numbers offer lots of extra benefits.

The service is quick and simple to get going and it can help give your business a professional edge. In addition, use the free switchboard service to set up additional features like a voicemail message or change the music customers listen to while they wait to talk.

You know it’s important to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you. With a 0843 number, customers can avoid costly mobile phone prices. What’s more everyone pays the same call price whether they’re located in your city or the other end of the country.

Try out a 0843 number and see if it helps your business make the right impression.


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