What are the benefits of having a switchboard?

What are the benefits of having a switchboard?

You may be aware that it’s possible to get a virtual switchboard for your business, but perhaps you’ve put it off because you’re unclear of the benefits.

If so, read on and I’ll explain a few…

  1. If you choose, your switchboard can work 24 /7. For sure, some of those hours you’ll want to have the associated answer phone in action but it means calls to your business number will always be attended. And this is really important if you want to find and keep customers.
  2. When somebody rings the business number attached to your switchboard, they will first be answered by a welcome message. You can personalise this to suit your business and your brand. It means customers don’t get an engaged tone and they don’t have to wait for someone to pick up. If speedy call answering matters to you, this feature could prove very valuable. 
  3. Calls can be routed to various people in your premises automatically because the caller is given the option of selecting whom they wish to speak to. It means you don’t need to physically man the phone and so can free up staff to do tasks elsewhere.
  4. Finally, if you opt for a virtual switchboard, you can also gain access to a 0843 non-geographic number for free. It means your business can have a “national” presence. The switchboard will answer customers who call your 0843 number, and then their call is diverted to a number of your choice for you to answer. It means you have the flexibility to work from different places but still be accessible on the same number.

Sounds good? Then try it for yourself.


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