Time saving tips for small businesses

Time saving tips for small businesses

If you run a small business you will know that time is money. In addition, because of all the tasks, meetings and work you have to do, no doubt you find that you are often stretched.

Could your call management system be more effective?

Do you find that you waste time answering calls for someone else, or even miss important calls because you’ve only got one incoming line and customers are put off by the engaged tone?

Would your working day be less stressful if your incoming calls were managed more effectively?

If so, you could benefit from a virtual switchboard. Here are just three ways a virtual switchboard could help.

  1. You can set a personalised welcome message. Then when a caller phones, they hear that instead of waiting for you to pick up or get an engaged tone.
  2. If there are a number of workers in your office, you can get the caller to select who they wish to talk to. In turn their call will be directed to that individual. It saves the issue of answering the phone and then having to waste time locating the person who the caller wishes to speak with.
  3. You can even set open and close times. If there’s a time of the day that you don’t want to be disturbed, “close” your business and allow calls to be picked up by the answer phone. If you’re an early bird it could mean you get a couple hours of undisturbed time first thing in the morning.

How could a virtual switchboard save your business time?


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