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One free 0843 number reaches all

It often helps if you publish just one contact number for your business.

This avoids a customer having to work out which number they should call depending on the query they have. One number is less complicated, especially if you’re a small outfit.

But what happens if you’re a solopreneur who moves around a lot and doesn’t wish to advertise a mobile number? You’re based at your home office today, a hot …

  • Posted: 08/03/2012
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What impression does your business number give?

After looking at your advert or website, a customer will often decide whether or not to contact you within just a few seconds. Scary stuff.

So assuming you’ve made the right impression with your headline, offer and content, what happens when the customer looks for your business phone number?

If you are asking customers to part with a lot of money, they may have more confidence if they are able to contact …

  • Posted: 01/03/2012
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How to maximise your business phone number

How to maximise your business phone number (and save money on advertising)

As a small business owner, if you thought you have to make do with the functionality of the call services on your mobile phone you’d be mistaken.

Whilst email, the Internet and social media provide alternative means of communication, you can’t beat a real conversation.

Meaning if you’d like to maximise the service you get from your business phone number, consider …

  • Posted: 23/02/2012
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Five ways to customise your free 0843 number

Once you’ve got your free 084 business phone numbers you’ll want to customise it to maximise the business benefit.

To get you started here are five ideas to tailor your account so it suits the needs of your organisation.

1. Set up an intro message: When a caller dials your 084 number it will first be answered by an intro message. You’ll find a number of generic settings to choose from. Alternatively …

  • Posted: 16/02/2012
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How to get a free switchboard service for your business

Do you ever worry about missing an inbound call?

If you’re a freelancer working out and about, or a business that’s often out of the office it’s a possibility.

What’s more it’s a concern because that missed call could be your next big customer. Alternatively it could be a complaint you absolutely need to deal with or an important update from a supplier.

The complaint and the supplier will probably phone back. But …

  • Posted: 09/02/2012
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How to get a free 084 number

Have you thought about getting a non-geographic number for your business?

It’s free!

Perhaps you want to advertise a landline other than your home number, or maybe you don’t necessarily want customers to know which part of the UK you’re based in. Whatever your reasons did you know you can get a 084 number for free?

You don’t even need a new phone line

Perhaps you’ve been put off because you assumed a 084 …

  • Posted: 02/02/2012
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Five reasons your business will benefit from a free 084 number

If customers can’t get hold of you there’s a risk you will lose business.
Which means in addition to an email account you have to be contactable by phone.

Does this dilemma sound familiar?

If you work from home you will no doubt have a mobile. So the question is do you advertise your landline too? Although you can take your mobile everywhere, some customers may be put off by the higher call …

  • Posted: 26/01/2012
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Get your small business a free 084 number

If you run a business it’s essential customers can ring you. But which number do you give them? If you work from home you could use your land-line number. But that means making personal information public. Alternatively you could use a mobile number. But some customers may be put off by the higher cost of ringing a mobile.

A cost effective alternative is to get a 084 number. It’s easy to …

  • Posted: 19/01/2012
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