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Now you can get a switchboard service for free!

Do you feel overwhelmed by your incoming calls?

Is your call management a little inefficient?

Do you miss calls, leave customers frustrated and staff annoyed?

If so, your business could benefit from a switchboard service. It’s an easy way to take back control of your calls and ensure customers get answered in a timely fashion.

Perhaps you’ve been put off from installing a switchboard because you imagine it will cost a lot of money. …

  • Posted: 02/08/2012
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Get a free switchboard now

How do you manage your incoming calls?

If you frequently get disturbed, or need a more efficient way to manage the flurry of calls that come into your place of work, it may be time to consider a switchboard service.

I don’t mean an antiquated solution! In fact you may be surprised to learn how advanced and feature-packed modern switchboard services can be. Best of all, you can get one for free.

Let …

  • Posted: 25/07/2012
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Who else wants a free 0843 number?

If you run a very small business you’ll be cash conscious.

What’s more you’ll be after value for money, great service, and a product that adds value to your business and makes your life that little bit easier. After all, you’ve got so many priorities to juggle you sometimes wonder how you’ll get it all done!

One of your biggest considerations will be managing your calls.

For sure you want to be contactable.

But …

  • Posted: 19/07/2012
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How to make your business phone number work hard

What is your business phone number?

Perhaps you have a mobile. Maybe you have a landline. You could even have a non-geographic number. But are you getting what you need?

For example:

Do you worry that you miss calls if you are out of the office?
Do people sometimes hang up because you can’t answer leaving you wondering what you missed?
Do you get fed up answering the phone for someone else?
Would you love to …

  • Posted: 16/07/2012
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Why smart business owners use a free switchboard

Would you consider using a switchboard service for your business?

If you’re a little reluctant read on. You’ll discover there are some significant benefits to be had which could improve your call management, productivity and save you time.

What’s more, you don’t have to be a big business to benefit from a switchboard service. Surprisingly there are some features, which could benefit sole traders too.

There is an additional advantage. If you take …

  • Posted: 13/07/2012
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The benefits of free 0843 numbers

Making it easy for customers to contact you is essential.

When a customer rings, they want to be answered promptly, and directed to the individual they wish to speak to quickly and efficiently. If that person can’t answer the phone they want to leave a message, and usually they’ll want that call returned.

Therefore, it’s crucial you have a process in place to ensure this happens.

If you’re a one-man band you may …

  • Posted: 02/07/2012
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Why use a free redirect number

What do you do if you can’t get to your phone?

In business this can be a problem because you could end up missing out on important sales or customer enquiries.

But the truth is you can’t always be there to answer it. Perhaps you’re working out of the office, visiting clients or just need some quiet time to focus and not be disturbed.

Did you know a free redirect number could help …

  • Posted: 21/06/2012
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How to use a free switchboard service to increase your productivity

Does your current call handling system slow you down?

Perhaps your receptionist wastes time trying to put calls through, or your callers get frustrated because of the length of time they’re on hold.

If you have multiple departments, sell multiple products or have numerous members of staff who need to be contactable, you need a smarter way to manage your inbound calls.

A free switchboard service could help you take back control, and …

  • Posted: 14/06/2012
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An easy way to get a free number for your business

An easy way to get a free number for your business

Have you been thinking about getting a new number for your business?

Perhaps you’ve decided it’s not enough to just have a mobile and you’d like to advertise a non-geographic number too.

Or maybe you’ve recognised the benefits of having an additional number but you’re not sure you want to commit to the costs of installing a new …

  • Posted: 07/06/2012
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An alternative way to manage your business phone services

How do you manage your business phone services?

Perhaps you rely solely on your mobile.

Or maybe you advertise a landline number as well.

Perhaps you’re contactable on a non-geographic number to give your business a “national presence” or perhaps you just opt to respond to emails.

If so, here’s an alternative solution that could work…

You could use a free switchboard service to manage your calls, and get customers to call you on the …

  • Posted: 30/05/2012
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