Now you can get a switchboard service for free!

Now you can get a switchboard service for free!

Do you feel overwhelmed by your incoming calls?

Is your call management a little inefficient?

Do you miss calls, leave customers frustrated and staff annoyed?

If so, your business could benefit from a switchboard service. It’s an easy way to take back control of your calls and ensure customers get answered in a timely fashion.

Perhaps you’ve been put off from installing a switchboard because you imagine it will cost a lot of money. If that sounds like you, would you be surprised to know it’s now possible to get a switchboard service for free?

What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to do, won’t take long and you can be up and running almost immediately.

Here’s how…

You simply need to sign up for a free 0843 number.

It won’t cost you anything because instead of installing a new phone line, the 0843 number will be diverted to a number you already own. It’s likely to be your landline but you can also redirect to a mobile number too.

And to help, you’ll get a free switchboard service as well.

It allows you to improve your call management by taking advantage of the huge amount of functionality including:

  • Call redirect to multiple landlines or UK mobiles
  • Call waiting
  • Answerphone service
  • Personalised welcome message
  • Auto Attendant (press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service, 3 for Jo Smith etc.)
  • Choice of “on hold” music etc.

If you’d like to get a switchboard service for free, simply search for free switchboard or visit


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