How to maximise your business phone number

How to maximise your business phone number

How to maximise your business phone number (and save money on advertising)

As a small business owner, if you thought you have to make do with the functionality of the call services on your mobile phone you’d be mistaken.

Whilst email, the Internet and social media provide alternative means of communication, you can’t beat a real conversation.

Meaning if you’d like to maximise the service you get from your business phone number, consider signing up for a free 084 number and accompanying switchboard service.

Whether you’re a sole trader, a partnership or a small employer, you’ll discover a range of benefits that make it worthwhile.

Here are just three:

  1. Once chosen, your 0843 number can be diverted to any number you specify. Divert to a landline free of charge or a mobile for an additional cost. The result is customers can reach you on the same number wherever you happen to be.
  1. If you miss a call because a customer hangs up after dialling, you’ll receive an email listing their number (if available). This means you’ll never be left wondering who called, and you get the information you need to ring back.
  1. Finally here’s the promised money saver.

Some companies like allow you two free 0843 number. This has a hidden advantage. Let’s explore. Consider using different numbers in different media. For example one on your website and another on a newspaper advert, one on Facebook and another on your fliers (simply choose what you want to test). Next use the Call Statistics service to identify which number customers are calling. It’s an easy way to pinpoint from where customers arrive. Even better it could help identify what advertising isn’t working.

How could that information save you money?

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