How to increase your productivity with a free redirect number

How to increase your productivity with a free redirect number

Do you receive a lot of inbound calls?

Do you have people calling you wanting to speak to different departments or different people?

Do you find you waste a lot of time sorting inbound calls?

If so, you could benefit from a free direct number. You could find it improves your call handling efficiency and productivity.

Here’s how…

What is a free redirect number?
A free redirect number is simply a 0843 number that you can re-divert to an existing landline or mobile. It costs nothing to obtain and the redirection is carried out by a virtual switchboard service (which is also free). What’s more, you can use the virtual switchboard to boost your productivity by implementing various tools and using the available functionality. It’s a great way to take control of your calls and save you time (and possibly money).

For example…
If you offer a variety of different services you could advertise a different 0843 number for each. It could help boost your productivity because the right people would be on hand to answer the right calls. In addition it could help improve your customer satisfaction by reducing their waiting time and ensuring their query gets answered or their order processed swiftly.

In addition, with your free switchboard service you need never miss a call again which means you could boost your sales and conversion rate.

Could a free redirect number affect the productivity of your business? Why not try it for yourself and see.

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