How to grow your business with a free switchboard?

How to grow your business with a free switchboard?

If you run a business one of your primary jobs is to find and keep customers.

This is an essential activity because customers are the lifeblood of your business.

As such it makes sense to have systems in place to maximise inquiries and get clear on which advertising campaigns are generating the most leads – with this knowledge you can hone your marketing efforts to make them even more effective.

A free switchboard can assist with both of these.

Here’s how…

1.  Maximise inquiries:

If a potential customer decides to contact you, you need to be available. If you’re not, there’s a risk they won’t call back. The problem with simply advertising your mobile is that you may not be available all the time. Which means the phone could go unanswered, or the customer could get the engaged tone. If they do, how can you be sure they will make the effort to call again?

With a free switchboard service your caller automatically gets answered by a personalised welcome message, which you record. It means there’s no engaged tone, and if you are busy on another call, they can listen to “on-hold” music until you’re available.

What’s more, if they hang up, you’ll get a text and an email listing their number (unless it’s withheld) meaning you can call them back at a later time.

2.  Track advertising campaigns:

You can have more than one number associated with your switchboard service. This means you can place a different contact number on each of your advertising campaigns. Do this and it’s really easy to see which campaign is generating the most interest. You can then invest more time and effort into the one that works, and save your business lots of time and money.


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