How to get someone else to answer your calls

How to get someone else to answer your calls

Have you noticed there are occasions when having to answer the phone is really disruptive?

Perhaps you’re in the middle of something and a ringing phone causes you to lose your train of thought, or maybe your work colleague is out and you’re losing precious time answering his calls.

If so, you’ll be interested to know how a free switchboard service could make your work life that little bit easier.

Let me explain.

A switchboard service gives you much more control over your phone.

With the extensive range of functionality you can use it to save time, track efficiency and even monitor the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.

What’s more, it’s easy to get a switchboard service for free. Simply sign up for an 0843 number and start using the switchboard functionality immediately.

Then, if your colleague is out, simply set a personalised answer message and allow the answerphone to respond and his collect calls. In addition, he’ll receive email notification of any callers who hung up.

Alternatively, arrange to have his calls re-directed to his mobile. Simple.

Then, if there are specific times of the day you don’t want to be disturbed, you can set opening and closing times. If a caller phones during these hours, they will hear an out of hours message telling them when to call back, or providing them with a different point of contact. Simply record a message to suit your situation.

As you can see a free switchboard service could provide your business with lots of unexpected benefits. So why not sign up today and give it a try.


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