How to get a free switchboard service for your business

How to get a free switchboard service for your business

Do you ever worry about missing an inbound call?

If you’re a freelancer working out and about, or a business that’s often out of the office it’s a possibility.

What’s more it’s a concern because that missed call could be your next big customer. Alternatively it could be a complaint you absolutely need to deal with or an important update from a supplier.

The complaint and the supplier will probably phone back. But if you miss a customer enquiry, it’s likely they’ll just go elsewhere. As you know competition is fierce and everyone’s busily looking for an answer, so missing a call could result in losing a sale.

So what do you do?

You can’t stay in all day just in case the phone rings, and while you could install an additional business phone number that’s expensive.

How about getting a free switchboard service? It’s an essential tool for any business that is concerned about missing calls.

If you’re interested the first step is to sign up for a free 0844 number. You can communicate this number to clients and you won’t even need to install a new line. Instead any calls to this number will automatically be re-directed to your specified landline or mobile.

Then to ensure you don’t miss a call, you’ll have the option to set up voicemail, put people on hold and even receive missed call alerts via email if they hang up – it makes it easy to call someone back.

A Free SwitchBoard service with could really make a difference to your business.

Give it a go and see how you benefit, after all it’s FREE!

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