How to get a free switchboard service

How to get a free switchboard service

A free switchboard service has multiple uses that you could use to make your business run smoother. For example, you could use your switchboard service as an answerphone, use it to divert calls to different departments, and even use it to keep customers in a queue while they are on hold if your call volume suddenly increases.

In short, a switchboard service is a useful management tool. It will help ensure you stay in control of your calls. What’s more it will help you overcome common problems such as customers put off by the engaged tone or unanswered phones, or being diverted to the wrong person.

How to get a free switchboard service for your business

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and cost-effective way to operate a switchboard in your office, sign up for a free 0843 number.

You can get one with companies such as

The benefit of choosing this approach is the switchboard service is free. In addition, there are no line rental charges with the free 0843 number. That’s because instead of being a separate number, the 0843 number is diverted to your existing landline.

In addition, a lot of the switchboard functionality is also free. Then, if you want to add more advanced services, you’ll find they are well priced.

There are benefits for your customers too. If they call your 0843 number from a BT landline they pay just 4.2p / minute (+VAT). However, they will pay more if they call from a landline.

If you think a switchboard service would help you gain more control over your calls, sign up today.


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