How to ensure your customers never hear an engaged tone

How to ensure your customers never hear an engaged tone

What does a customer do when they hear an engaged tone?

Do they hang up?

Do they leave a message?

Can you be sure they’ll call back?

An engaged tone can result in a missed sales opportunity for your business. As you know sales can make the difference between a successful business and one that’s really struggling. Which means it makes sense to do what you can to maximise and protect your leads.

Now if you’re worried about missing calls a switchboard service can really help.

What’s more, you can get a virtual switchboard these days, which are often free to use, and very user friendly. In addition, with the amount of functionality they offer, you’ll find the switchboard could improve your call management altogether.

But let’s focus on how a switchboard can ensure a customer does not hear an engaged tone…

  1. When a customer calls the switchboard answers with a standard message or one you’ve customised.
  2. If they hang up, provided their number is not withheld, you’ll receive an email notification of their phone number and the time they called. It makes it super easy to ring back.
  3. And if you’re not available, your switchboard also has an answerphone facility to take a message.

If you’re worried about missing opportunities, a free switchboard service could offer the peace of mind you need to know you’re not going to miss out.

Try it for yourself…

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