How to ensure you never miss a business call again

How to ensure you never miss a business call again

There is nothing more frustrating than missing a call.

It could be a complaint, a sales enquiry or something else that you need to respond to.

Even worse, if you’re away from a landline, you may not even be aware the phone rang.

However, if you’ve got a free switchboard service and an accompanying 0843 number, you can irradiate the problem of missed calls. Here’s an overview of three services that make that possible.

Free email notification.

As long as the caller has not withheld their number, your switchboard service will be able to record any missed incoming calls. Next, you’ll receive an email telling you the missed number and the time of the call. The email is free and it means you can phone the caller back at a time that suits you.

SMS alerts

In addition, if you are likely to be away from the office, you can arrange to have an SMS message sent to your mobile phone. There will be a small charge for this, but it’s a small price to pay for the flexibility and peace of mind it gives you. You no longer have to worry about taking a break from your desk!

Answerphone service

With a free switchboard service, unanswered calls are less of a problem. Instead, calls will be answered by your welcome message, so there’s no irritating engaged tone. What’s more, if you’re not able to take the call personally, the caller can leave a voice mail.


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