How to benefit from a free redirect number

How to benefit from a free redirect number

Are you aware of how your business could benefit from a redirect number?

In short, if you have a business phone number that you can redirect on a flexible basis, it means you are not tied to a specific location. That opens up a lot of advantages if you tend to move around or work out of different sites.

What’s more, because it’s the number that you re-direct, your customers don’t notice anything different. They can just contact you on one phone number wherever you are. In turn that means you are much less likely to miss a call. For sure you could collect answer phone messages, but often customers want to speak with you immediately. If you’re not available, you could miss out.

You might think that having a redirect number is expensive – especially when you consider the advantages and freedom that it creates for you and your business.

Actually you can get a redirect number for free.

You just need to have an existing landline or mobile to redirect it to.

If you sign up for an 0843 number with someone such as you can get started straight away. There are no additional line rental charges and there is no monthly contract.

Then you can use the switchboard service that comes with your 0843 number to manage your redirection as well as setting up a whole host of other services to meet the needs of your business.

So if you’d like to have one number but have the flexibility to redirect it – sign up for a free 0843 number, and start benefitting today.


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