How could you use a free switchboard service?

How could you use a free switchboard service?

As a busy small business, how could you benefit from gaining more control over your incoming calls?

Perhaps the phone is ringing off the hook; maybe you frequently miss calls; or perhaps customers ring through to the wrong line?

Whatever it is that is causing your business a headache, did you know that a free switchboard service could ease a few of your woes?

Here’s how:

1. It’s now possible to get a free non-geographic 0843 number that you can divert to an existing landline (or mobile for a small extra fee). There are no line rental charges to pay, and the number is just for your business.

2. With your 0843 number, you’ll be able to access a free switchboard service with a vast functionality. You’ll find lots of services to help you manage your business calls more efficiently.

For example:

a. Set up a personalised answer phone message for when you can’t answer a call.

b. Organise a customised introduction message to give your phone service that personalised touch.

c. Set open and close times for your business and record a bespoke out of hours message to maximise your customer service.

d. Receive email notification of any calls you have missed making it easy and hassle free to ring them back.

A free switchboard service is a simple yet effective way to stay in control of your call management. Why not give it a try for your business and see how it makes you life easier.


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