Get your small business a free redirect number now

Get your small business a free redirect number now

Get your small business a free redirect number now

There are not many things in business that are free.

But a free redirect number absolutely is. In fact, when you find out exactly what your free redirect number can do and how it works perhaps you’ll want one too…

A redirect number is a special type of number. You cannot answer it directly. That’s because it goes through a virtual switchboard, which then re-diverts the call to a telephone number you have specified.

That number could be your mobile or your landline. It’s your choice. What’s more, you can change the number to which you re-direct very easily. That means if you’re moving around, your number can follow.

The reason the redirect number is free is because it is redirected to a phone number you already own. As such you don’t need to pay for a new phone line to be installed, and there are no monthly line rental charges.

In addition, the switchboard service that accompanies your redirect number offers lots of functionality you can use to benefit your business. In fact, the switchboard could actually help improve the productivity of your call management by streamlining and improving the efficiency of your call handling.

Finally your free re-divert number will be of the 0843 variety. This non-geographic number is ideal if you are looking to give the appearance of a national presence.

There are lots of ways to get a free redirect number. is one. Why not have a closer look to see how your small business could benefit.

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