Get a free 0843 number now

Get a free 0843 number now

Let’s start with an explanation.

It really is possible to get a free 0843 number for your business. So if you want to publish a non-geographic number to give yourself a “national” presence, here’s a really easy way to do it.

Companies such as offer a free switchboard service.

It’s feature rich and provides a number of tools you can use to manage your calls and make your life that bit easier. Part of the job of your switchboard is to divert your associated 0843 number to an existing phone number that you already own. It could be your landline or your mobile. What’s more, you have the flexibility to change the divert destination as and when.

So you see, that is how your 0843 number is free.

Because calls received on it are picked up by the switchboard and then diverted, you don’t need to pay to have a new phone line installed. As a result, the service is free.

You can then decide how you will make the most of it. Here are some ideas:

  1. Use the answerphone service so you never miss a call.
  2. Entertain your callers with some on-hold music
  3. Test the effectiveness of your advertising by having different numbers on different adverts.
  4. Avoid answering calls out of hours by setting up opening times.
  5. Divert your number to a phone line near to you. You can vary this depending on where you’re working.

If you’d like to explore these benefits in your business, get a free 0843 number now.

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