Five reasons your business will benefit from a free 084 number

Five reasons your business will benefit from a free 084 number

If customers can’t get hold of you there’s a risk you will lose business.
Which means in addition to an email account you have to be contactable by phone.

Does this dilemma sound familiar?

If you work from home you will no doubt have a mobile. So the question is do you advertise your landline too? Although you can take your mobile everywhere, some customers may be put off by the higher call charges. But you may be reluctant to promote your personal landline number because of your privacy.

Perhaps the answer is to get a 084 number.

Companies such as offer them for free. They come with lots of advantages, such as your very own online free switchboard that you can control 24/7.

If you want to learn more simply read on and discover five reasons your business can benefit from a free 0844 number.

  1. You’ll give customers another option to contact you. What’s more because they pay just 4.2p per minute (+VAT) to call from a residential BT landline it’s affordable too.
  2. If you work in more than one place you can direct your 084 number for free to multiple landlines. That way you can ensure you’re always contactable.
  3. When you can’t get to the phone you’ll receive email notification of any voicemails and missed calls. It gives you peace of mind that you won’t miss anything important.
  4. You can customise your on-hold music from a long list of options. It’s a great way to enhance your customer’s experience while they’re waiting to speak with you.
  5. You can even set “opening times” and organise an out of hour’s voicemail. That way you won’t feel inclined to answer calls when you’ve got your feet up in the evening.

It’s easy to get a free 084 number for your business. Just visit and follow the simple on-line instructions.

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