Five benefits a free switchboard service could offer your business

Five benefits a free switchboard service could offer your business

There are many reasons for getting a switchboard and 0843 number for your company. If you think you could benefit from any of these, it’s an option worth exploring further.

1. If you’re a small local company but want to give the impression of national coverage.

An 0843 number doesn’t give your geographical location away.

2. If you want to ensure that you never miss a call again.  

An 0843 number and switchboard has lots of functionality including voice mail, call answering, and a welcome message. The result is your customer will always be answered and will not face the frustration of an engaged tone.

3. If you move premises you can keep the same number.

You can divert your 0843 number to any phone, whether that’s a mobile or landline (although diverting to a mobile does incur additional charges). That means if you do move to a different office, or if you re-locate, you don’t need to print new stationery because your number remains the same.

4. If you’re out of the office, you can still be contacted.

Perhaps you work in a variety of locations. Instead of waiting until you get back to check you voicemail, you can have your 0843 number diverted whilst you’re out and about, and respond to enquires there and then.

5. Get notification of any callers who have hung up.

Sometimes callers ring and then hang up. If this happens, some switchboard services send you an email with the caller’s number on (if available) making it easy for you to ring back.

If any of these benefits would suit your business, why not try a free switchboard service and see how it helps your company.

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