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  • Posted: 05/08/2013
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3 Reasons Not To Rely on your answerphone

If you’re a small business owner, ensuring you’re available to answer calls from prospects and customers is important. After all, if a call goes unanswered you can end up missing out on valuable leads and even sales.

Perhaps you rely on your answerphone to step in when you’re unavailable. After all, people are bound to leave a message aren’t they?

But what happens if they don’t?

Or what happens …

  • Posted: 07/10/2012
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Time saving tips for small businesses

If you run a small business you will know that time is money. In addition, because of all the tasks, meetings and work you have to do, no doubt you find that you are often stretched.

Could your call management system be more effective?

Do you find that you waste time answering calls for someone else, or even miss important calls because you’ve only got one incoming line and customers are put …

  • Posted: 27/09/2012
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How to grow your business with a free switchboard?

If you run a business one of your primary jobs is to find and keep customers.

This is an essential activity because customers are the lifeblood of your business.

As such it makes sense to have systems in place to maximise inquiries and get clear on which advertising campaigns are generating the most leads – with this knowledge you can hone your marketing efforts to make them even more effective.

A free switchboard …

  • Posted: 20/09/2012
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What are the benefits of having a switchboard?

You may be aware that it’s possible to get a virtual switchboard for your business, but perhaps you’ve put it off because you’re unclear of the benefits.

If so, read on and I’ll explain a few…

If you choose, your switchboard can work 24 /7. For sure, some of those hours you’ll want to have the associated answer phone in action but it means calls to your business number will always be …

  • Posted: 14/09/2012
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How to ensure your customers never hear an engaged tone

What does a customer do when they hear an engaged tone?

Do they hang up?

Do they leave a message?

Can you be sure they’ll call back?

An engaged tone can result in a missed sales opportunity for your business. As you know sales can make the difference between a successful business and one that’s really struggling. Which means it makes sense to do what you can to maximise and protect your leads.

Now if …

  • Posted: 06/09/2012
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Get your small business a free redirect number now

Get your small business a free redirect number now

There are not many things in business that are free.

But a free redirect number absolutely is. In fact, when you find out exactly what your free redirect number can do and how it works perhaps you’ll want one too…

A redirect number is a special type of number. You cannot answer it directly. That’s because it goes through a virtual switchboard, which then …

  • Posted: 03/09/2012
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How to increase your productivity with a free redirect number

Do you receive a lot of inbound calls?

Do you have people calling you wanting to speak to different departments or different people?

Do you find you waste a lot of time sorting inbound calls?

If so, you could benefit from a free direct number. You could find it improves your call handling efficiency and productivity.

Here’s how…

What is a free redirect number?
A free redirect number is simply a 0843 number that you can …

  • Posted: 23/08/2012
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Get a free 0843 number now

Let’s start with an explanation.

It really is possible to get a free 0843 number for your business. So if you want to publish a non-geographic number to give yourself a “national” presence, here’s a really easy way to do it.

Companies such as offer a free switchboard service.

It’s feature rich and provides a number of tools you can use to manage your calls and make …

  • Posted: 16/08/2012
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How a free redirect number could benefit your business

Could you benefit from a single point of phone contact for your business, which then gets redirected to a number you specify?

Perhaps the default setting could be to your office / home landline. Then when you are out and about, change it so it diverts to your mobile. Do this and it means you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind that customers can contact you wherever you are on …

  • Posted: 09/08/2012
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